Welcome to the online resources for Pacific Crest's Program Assessment Institute.

On this page you will find resources and
materials to support a more in-depth and
extensive exploration of the issues raised
during a Program Assessment Institute.

Please feel free to explore, click, read, and learn!


Pre-Institute Reading (.pdf format files; click to view)

Faculty Guidebook: 4.1.1 Overview of Assessment

Faculty Guidebook: 4.1.2 Distinctions between Assessment and Evaluation

Faculty Guidebook: 1.5.2 Methodology for Designing a Program Assessment System

Faculty Guidebook: 4.1.9 SII Method for Assessment Reporting

Readings should be completed at least 72 hours before event.

Institute Handbook (.pdf)

Program Assessment Examples (.pdf format)

Program Assessment System (PAS) Template (.doc format)

BAE Program          Biogeochemistry Program          College of Education

Computer Science          Electrical Engineering          Engineering Capstone

Radiography          Math Department          MBA          Mechanical Engineering

Neuroscience          PhD in Education          Physics

Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences          Registrar          Teaching Academy

Senior Thesis Program          Faculty Development Center

Undergraduate Biology          General Education          History

Learning Objects (Optional Resources)


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